My Favourite Independent Artists You Should Shop At This Christmas

I love shopping independent and Christmas is a great time to do it. You pick up some gorgeous custom presents as either stocking fillers or as their main present.

Just don’t do what I did last year and leave it too late for it to be ready in time. Order in November or early December and always make sure to read the description so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus it will tell you there if there is a cut off date for orders and how long it will take to arrive so you can plan ahead.

Some of these stores I’ve got items from while some are on my to buy list when my next student loan comes though; but each store is one I think is amazing and would recommend for the quality of their products.

Plus they’re just genuinely nice people too.

Sweet Allure

Tarnya was one of the first bloggers I started speaking to when I began blogging and it turned out she was a fellow Yorkshire lass. I own her Slytherin print and I absolutely adore it! I love the watercolour style and the colours are lovely. She has one for each House plus a “House neutral one too.

I actually have a list of designs that I want to get from her in the new year for when I rearrange my bedroom and I’m thinking of getting the Hufflepuff one for Chris.


Not only do I love her artwork but I swear I’m going to convince Chris to drive me up to Carlisle so I can actually get tattooed by her!

Image via Tores Etsy-

Her prints have a dark feel to them which is right up my street; the Autumn Lantern print is also on my list to buy in the new year.

George Law

I was lucky enough to meet Geo at the Pathways event we managed as part of a university module earlier in the year and he’s such an awesome and down to earth guy. This guys designs are amazing and it’s thanks to him that I bought an iPencil and the Procreate app, which I’ve been using to create my very own oracle deck!

I’m actually really jealous that next years DMP students are going to have him as a tutor, makes me wish I’d taken a placement this year so I’d get to have him as my tutor.

He’s also recently created a range of mental health gifs which I have to admit I’ve saved and plan on using on a regular basis; the Just Be You one is one I need playing on repeat to remind myself that I need to stop pretending to be something I’m not to, just to try and fit in.

Elizabeth Gray

I absolutely love this lady! It’s thanks to her that I’ve started to teach myself calligraphy on my iPad; she has some amazing practice sheets, as well as putting up daily videos on her Instagram and a shop full of gorgeous cups and prints.

Oh and a really cute cat!

Image via Elizabeths Etsy-

Kelly Hughes

Not only is Kelly a fellow witch but she’s an amazing artist who is also currently working on her own oracle deck. Hers looks much better than mine though!

Image via Kellys Etsy-

I love her Spooky Pumpkin print and if I’m honest, I’m strongly considering putting in a huge order as there are so many prints I want. If anyone wants to get me the Scorpio print for Christmas, I’ll love you for life!

Jade Marie

I always feel bad for doing a bit of self promotion but how else is a girl to get sales? It’s mostly photography based right now but I will be doing a major overhaul in the New Year to include some of my most recent designs; in particular my oracle deck. The Fuck You Phone Case has been my best seller and I must admit, if I was to buy one thing from my own store it would be this!


Who are some of your favourite independent artists?

This post is sponsored by George Law but all love for these shops and products are completely my own!

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  • Lisa says:

    I love shopping from smaller independent places! These are some great recommendations. I’m planning to move house next year, so these will be perfect for giving my new place the finishing touches 🙂

  • Jade Marie says:

    Aww good luck with the move! 🙂 I’m glad I could help give you some inspiration 🙂

  • I absolutely love all of these designs. I will most definitely be checking out some of these independent owners. Thank you for sharing this. It’s definitely unique and not typically the type of gifts that people share. Keep up the great work! I look forward to more.

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