My Last Minute Stocking Filler Gift Guide

The Wellbeing Book | LID Publishing

*this post contains gifted products 

Despite starting my Christmas shopping back in November, I still haven’t bought all of my presents yet! 

I’ve always found Christmas shopping stressful; I can’t say I enjoy shopping at the best of times, let alone when the shops are packed and there’s too much around noise, light and people pressing in around you. 

I almost always end up having a meltdown at some point. 

So to try and avoid all that this year, I decided that I was going to get it all out of the way early so I wouldn’t have to go near a shopping centre come December. 

Great plan – shame it didn’t work out that way. 

Gioteck Headset | Assassins Creed Origins Merch

I’ve tried to avoid going overboard this year (like I usually do!) since I’m self-employed and don’t have anywhere near the budget I did last year.

Which makes me feel really guilty when I can’t afford to get people as much as I’d like to.

So I’m trying to get around that guilt by making use of “stocking filler” items – little gifts that don’t really cost too much, but that can compliment someones main present nicely. 

Gift #1: Lush perfume 

Lush is one of my favourite places to pick up Christmas presents; they’re high quality, cruelty-free and smell gorgeous. 

None more so than their perfumes. 

They are a little pricey, but they come in a range of sizes and you only need a little bit; the scent lasts all day! 

My absolute favourite to wear year-round is Breath of God; it has a really nice woody/spiced scent which is perfect for this time of year. 

Lush Breath of God Perfume 

It also reminds me of my childhood when my dad worked as a cabinetmaker – he always came home smelling of freshly cut oak and to this day its a scent that makes me relax and feel at home. 

Gift #2: Lipstick 

Lipsticks can make a great little stocking filler style gift, as they don’t generally cost a fortune and can be used well after Christmas. 

I love wearing the Clinique Mini Ruby Pop lipstick all year round, but there’s just something extra special about a red lip at Christmas! 

iPhone 6s + Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray +Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour in Ruby Pop

If you don’t want something quite so bright, then you could always pick up a neutral colour like No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Daydreamer, (this is the one you’ll see me wearing quite regular in photos or on my Instastories!) which is really subtle but adds a nice gloss to your lips. 

There’s also the more traditional options like NYX Professional Makeup Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in a shade like Thalia, which I also wear quite regularly.

It’s a really creamy formula that lasts pretty well and is subtle enough for everyday use. Plus I’ll sometimes add Daydreamer over the top if I want a slightly more intense look. 

Gift #3: Books

Yes I know I mentioned these in my self care based gift guide too. What can I say, there are worse addictions to have!

Books are one of those presents that you can use time and time again, and there are so many different genres and styles available, which makes them such a great and versatile gift to give.

For fiction I have to recommend the new House based Harry Potter Collection; the artwork is gorgeous and there’s also an additional section with information about the House founder before the story starts.

Just make sure you get the right House! 

Harry Potter Slytherin House Book and Green Nails

Theres also a great selection of non-fiction books available from LID Publishing, which I’ve been really impressed with.

I was sent a selection of their books, and some of them are really helpful; not only from a blogging/business point of view but for mental health and wellbeing. 

I actually plan to give to one of them (The Wellness Book by Andrew Sharman) as a gift to one of my friends, as she’s really been struggling with her mental health recently and I think it could help her.

I had a quick read through it myself and the tone reminds me a lot of my old councillor Paul; he had a knack of asking the right questions to help me see my thoughts and feelings more clearly, which this book does really well. 

The Wellbeing Book | LID Publishing

There was also one called The Entrepreneur’s Book, which is perfect for me considering I’m doing a Masters in Entrepreneurship. 

I’ve not had the chance to finish it yet with deadlines coming up, but just from looking at the topics in the contents page, I can see it’s going to be very useful for planning what I want to do in 2019!

#4: Chocolates

When I was a little kid my parents would always buy me a few selection boxes, take them out of the packaging and hide them in one of the stockings we had hung up. 

It was so much fun running downstairs on Christmas morning and try to find which one they’d put them in – and of course, being allowed to eat a bar when I eventually found them. 

Books | LID Publishing

While I’m apparently too old for them to do that these days (being an adult bloody sucks!) chocolates are still a great little stocking filler.

It could be something as simple as an old fashioned selection box, or something a little more upmarket from Hotel Chocolat or Thorntons. 

Although the last time I tried to buy chocolate as a gift, I ended up eating it myself and I had to rush back the next day to pick up another box…

#5: Gaming Headset 

Most of the games I play these days are single-player, but I still love using a headset for a few different reasons. 

It’s a great way to be able to hear what’s going on in the game and can give you an edge that you might not have had otherwise.

The number of times being able to hear a dragon off in the distance has saved my life on Skyrim is actually ridiculous; especially when I’m starting a new character and I’m still very squishy. 

And yes, that is a technical term.

Gioteck Headset | Mustard Pillow

Plus it means I can talk to Chris when we’re both on the Xbox at the same time.

Even when we’re not in the same game, it can be really fun to hear him shouting “Oh shit, oh shit” down the microphone and having absolutely no idea what’s going on! 

The one I’ve been using recently is the TX-40 from Gioteck, which I’m really loving. Not only is it high quality, but it’s really comfortable to wear; even when I’m having an all-day gaming session. 

Plus the fact that the microphone isn’t attached to the headset itself is brilliant – with my old one I was forever scaring the crap out of people because I’d forgotten it was there and ended up accidentally knocking it. 

#6: Vouchers

For some reason I’ve never really understood, there’s a lot of negativity around buying someone gift vouchers as a present. 

But for me, they’re one of the best things you can get me! 

I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday last month; so when one of my friends asked me what I wanted, I said just get me a gift voucher.

She wasn’t too happy with the thought of that at first, but I finally convinced her that’s what I wanted and she agreed. 

Gioteck Headset | Mustard Pillow

I went on to get myself a gorgeous mustard backpack from Primark that I use whenever I decide to brave the outside world and do some work in a coffee shop.

It’s a perfect middle-sized bag and easily fits my purse, medication, portable charger, headphones, iPad and notebook inside with room to spare!

Medium sized Mustard Backpack From Primark + Black Leather Jacket

If you’re really stuck for what to get someone, why not get them a voucher for one of their favourite stores or a place they’ve always wanted to try.

That way they can treat themselves to a little bit of something that they actually want or need.

Plus it reduces the chance of you getting them something they already have or don’t actually like. 

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you like me and have ended up leaving it until the last minute? 

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A Last Minute Stocking Filler Gift Guide

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  • Anonymous says:

    Some great ideas for stocking stuffers here thanks for the list. I know someone who will love the Lush perfume.

  • I had the best intentions of finishing the Christmas shopping early this year too. Not done yet, but not too far off! I’ve sorted out my four year old, so that’s good! Some great ideas here – although gone are the days when stocking fillers were no more than a £1! Books are always a winner for me 🙂

  • Those books look AMAZING! The influence book sounds like a great read. The lush perfume is a great idea too. Loved this guide, thank you!

  • Really you never can go wrong with books and chocolates. Great list for stocking stuffers. Now I just need to point the Harry Potter books to my husband and make him belive I need another set of them.

  • I’m still trying to get organised and finish my Christmas shopping! There were some great ideas here so thanks for sharing!

    Jess //

  • Just what I needed to read before going Christmas shopping today! I bought myself one of the house Harry Potter books last week and love it (Ravenclaw) even though I own them all already!

  • Some great ideas here! I love them all, I would say you can never go wrong with books and chocolate. Of course as long as you’re that type of person! My partner always receives a book voucher but she hardly reads, so I give her the money for the voucher, win win situation. These are all great for stockings! These could also be great for Secret Santa.

    Gemma |

  • I LOVE LUSH but I had no idea they made perfume?!

    These are such good ideas!

  • I’m planning on starting my Christmas shopping today (so last-minute) so this guide is really helpful! I really like the idea of the perfume from Lush <3

    G is for Gingers xx

  • Kim says:

    These are somw great ideas. You can never go wrong with chocolates or books, I’ve never thought of Lush for perfume though! Great idea. Also I know someone who would love a gaming headset.

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