Dear Diary: I Finally Got My Tattoo Covered Up! 

Rose Tattoo

Last week I put a poll on Twitter and asked people if they wanted me to continue with these dear diary formats, as they’d not been getting many views. However the response was 70% continue so I guess that I’ll keep at them, at least until I start getting some negative responses.

I know that this post is super late but I finally went and got my tattoo covered up (more about that later) and I’ve been unable to type properly until this afternoon!

Monday I published a post about winning Alys George’s first ever giveaway, kind of like an unboxing/first impressions mix and spent the rest of the day alternating between social media and housework. I’ve been trying to have more “me” days before I start uni so my mental health is as good as I can possibly make it!

I think I actually need to start keeping note of what I do in the week because, unless it’s something major, I seem to completely forget what I’ve done when I come to write these posts!

Dear Diary- I Finally Got My Tattoo Covered Up!

Tuesday was off to the opticians as I’ve been getting all the usual symptoms that my glasses need changing: headaches, dizziness, pain in my head and trouble of using my eyes. They’re the same symptoms I get every other year, have done since I was 18 and they changed it from getting my eyes tested every year, to every two years.

Now normally I just put up with it for the second year, it’s not worth the arguments with them trying to convince them that I need them checking again. Apparently because it says I’m not due on the computes then my eyes can’t have changed and I have to spend a good 10/15 minutes arguing with them. But this year I’m off to uni and didn’t fancy having to put up with all the symptoms when I’m going to need to concentrate, so I booked an appointment. The woman on the phone was so nice, she has the same problem I do so I didn’t need to argue, she booked me in straight away and gave me some really good advice.

Now as anyone who regularly reads my blog will know, I have social anxiety, so going anywhere on my own (even somewhere I know really well) is nerve wracking. But I decided that this time I would go on my own as I’d never had any problems there before.

Big mistake.

The optician was so condescending! He talked to me like I was 5 years old- he even called me “girl” at one point! Not my name, just girl. He also didn’t do the full test. As anyone who’s had to get their eyes tested regular will know, the test never really changes- there are the same basic things you do year in, year out and it usually takes about 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer if they want to re test something. Mine took about 8 minutes and that’s being generous! He then said that he could find no change in my eyes…now I know my own eyes and I know when I need new glasses- I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 3 years old for goodness sake!

I complained to the woman upstairs and said I didn’t think that the test had been done correctly and didn’t like the way the optician had been with me. After looking at my notes she saw that I’d had to have some new glasses in January and said that’s why he’d not done a full test.

Now yes I did have some new glasses, but I’d not had a test or a change in prescription! I’d gone in to get my glasses reshaping and the woman doing it had accidentally broken them. After a lot of panicking (as I don’t have a spare pair) they managed to get another frame that matched the one I already had and just switch the lenses over.

I told the lady all this and she said that I could have my eyes retested with a different optician but that I’d have to pay for it. Now I was freaking out at this point because everything had gone wrong, I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t agree that I should have to pay because some guy was incompetent and didn’t do the full test. But at the same time I needed them doing. In the end I had a mini meltdown in the middle of town and just rushed back home, hid in my room and ate a lot of comfort food. Didn’t fix the problem but it did make me feel a bit better.

I’ve still not managed to get it resolved and I’m thinking of just moving from Specsavers, I’ve heard good things about Boots so might look into them.

I had two other blog posts up this week (I’ve been on the ball!) both about Mental Health. I’ve finally got around to writing a few posts I’ve had planned since starting this blog and I’m also working on two series that I’m super excited about!

If you missed the posts you can find them here: Why Toxic Friendships Are Bad For Your Mental Health The Cure For Mental Health: #JustGoForAWalk

I won’t start again on the #justgoforawalk issue, I ranted enough in the post, but it’s given me a real kick in the butt to start blogging more about Mental Health and try and help as many people as possible. So at least a positive has come out of a negative!

Friday was off for a McDonalds and coffee with Liz. We met 3 years ago while we were both working Christmas temp at Boots but due to a lot of different things, we ended up loosing touch. She was recently selling a few bits on Facebook and I bought one of them and we ended up sparking the friendship back up again! We get on so well and we’re planning a road trip next month (probably the first of many!) Just a shame she’s a Gryffindor- suppose I shouldn’t hold that against her.

In fact I definitely can’t hold it against her when she’s the person who took me for my tattoo doing on Sunday! I owe you a lot of coffees girl!

On Saturday evening I saw Padz from Lucky 13 Studios post a photo over on his Instagram, saying he was having a walk-in event the next day where you could come and get a rose tattooed.

Now as some people might know I had a tattoo done when I was 18 that really didn’t go to plan and I’ve been wanting it covered up ever since! It’s just finding a person that I trust as the last guy had really made me feel uncomfortable and I didn’t feel like I could talk to him at all.


Enter Padz!

I’m not even sure how I came across him on Instagram but I stumbled on his page a while ago and I’ve been a fan of his work ever since! If you want to check him out you can find him on Instagram here and the Lucky 13 Studio one here.

As luck would have it I actually wanted a rose as my coverup so I messaged him to ask if it was something he was happy to do; he was! I sent him an image of my original tattoo (which you can see above) and he said that he could cover it but it would need doing custom on the day and I should pop down the next day. The only problem was that his studio isn’t local to me and thanks to my social anxiety I can’t travel to places I don’t know on public transport- hell I still struggle with places I do know!

I messaged Liz and she was happy to take me, she needs a tattoo of her own sorting out so she wanted to speak to him about it while there. (Once again- thank you hun!)


Padz was amazing: he was really kind and talked me through the whole thing, giving me options on the design/colours and made sure I was happy with everything he was doing which really calmed me down and made me relax. Might sound daft but when your an Aspie with anxiety, little things really do help!

I am absolutely in love with the finished piece, I still can’t believe he drew it straight on to my arm without needing a reference or anything! The wrapping is now off and I’m using Bepanthen on the tattoo itself as recommended and Savlon on the swelling, a combination which is working perfectly! Don’t get me wrong it’s still painful and swollen but I’ve noticed a difference since doing this and I can’t wait for it to be fully healed…then I can get my next one done.

Rose Tattoo Cover Up

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  • wow, that rose is beyond pretty – from the first image I thought you got that covered and it had me going like “nooo”. but I must say, the initial tattoo was kind of sweet as well, though I understand if you didn’t like how it went.

  • Jade Marie says:

    It’s gorgeous!! I’m so happy with it, I can’t stop looking at it 😄 I understand why you’d think that but no! Haha and it was sweet but nothing like what I wanted: I’m going to get it done again by the artist that did my coverup- but get it done right this time! 🙂

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