My Favourite Twitter Chats and a Schedule Of When They’re On


The thing people new to blogging always seem to ask is, how they can grow their following when they first start out and my answer is always the same; Twitter chats!

Not only are they a great way to get your blog noticed, but you can also meet some amazing people through them. I ended up meeting one of my best friends through blogging; Bella.

We’ve actually only met up once in person (something I hope to change this year!) but she’s been there for me through some pretty tough times; more so than a lot of the people I know in “real life”.

All that from a twitter chat.

My Favourite Twitter Chats and a Schedule Of When They're On

Don’t get me wrong, they can be really intimidating to people with anxiety or people who find socialising hard.

I didn’t actually join in my first ever chat; I just sort of lurked around reading the threads and liking a few comments.

But it got me used to how they worked and made me feel a little more comfortable with them; so the next week I joined in and found that I actually enjoyed them.

My biggest problem with them though is that I forget when they’re taking place!

So I decided to create this scheduled my favourite chats. This way I can look each day which is on, at what time, and try and schedule some “me time” for that hour and take part.

Great idea, doesn’t always work out so well in reality; I actually forgot about yesterday’s GRLPOWR chat and it looked like a good one too!

I thought I’d make the schedule into a post, as I can’t be the only person who has trouble remembering when they’re on!





















8.30pm #TALKMH

















These are just some of my personal favourites, but if you know of any other chats that I’ve missed out; please feel free to share the time, day and hashtag in the comments and I’ll update the post to include them.

35 responses to “My Favourite Twitter Chats and a Schedule Of When They’re On”

  1. hilarice says:

    This is extremely helpful when, like me, you constantly forget which chat is when ha! A big thank you!

    Larice x | hilarice.com

  2. Jade Marie says:

    I’m so glad you like it and find it useful! I’m always forgetting when they’re on 🙈 x

  3. myspaghettihead says:

    I didn’t know about twitter chats. Thanks for the great info. I will definitely be checking these out.

  4. Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad my post has helped you find out about them ☺️ hope you find some you like and enjoy taking part in them!

  5. Lisa says:

    This is so handy! I didn’t even realise there were so many of them!

  6. Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you’ve found it useful hun! I never realised just how many there are until I came to wrote this post!

  7. YAYAYAYA! This post is brilliant! I have been looking for ages for one with them all listed! There are so many and they sound great! Thank you!

    Fix Me In Forty Five


  8. Jade Marie says:

    I’m so glad you like it and find it useful hun! The main reason I wrote it is because I couldn’t find one myself and was sick of forgetting when they’re on haha xx

  9. Layke says:

    Wow thanks so much for sharing! I never would have known these chats were taking place! Can’t wait to join in! ☺️

    Layke x | layke.co.uk

  10. Jade Marie says:

    You’re more than welcome lovely! Glad to have helped ☺️ hopefully I’ll see you in one or two of them some time ☺️ x

  11. Layke says:

    Yes definitely! 😊 x

  12. Ohhh this is such a handy post to share, I love getting involved in Twitter chats 🙂 xx

  13. Jade Marie says:

    Glad to help hun 🙂 I always forget when they’re on so I thought other people might too!xx

  14. Not heard of Twitter chats so I’m off to do some investigating!!!

  15. Thanks so much for this Jade, one of my goals is to be more “present” on social media… I’m gonna copy these into my bullet journal.

    Ashleigh x

  16. Jade Marie says:

    I really need to get myself a bullet journal! I’m glad you found the post helpful and good luck with your goal 😊 x

  17. I didn’t know about any of those as I’m still finding my way with Twitter. I’ve taken notes xx

  18. Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you found it helpful! 😊 xx

  19. I love twitter chats and used to have a little schedule but its become outdated now so thanks for this!!x

  20. Jade Marie says:

    You’re welcome, glad to help! 😊 x

  21. I always miss the blog chats so thank you for taking the time to make this!!

  22. Jade Marie says:

    You’re welcome, glad to help! ☺️ even with this list I still end up forgetting but it’s the thought that counts I guess 😂🙈

  23. Eleanor May says:

    I am forever missing blogger chats because I have no idea when they are on so I’m really happy that I found this post. Thank you!

  24. Jade Marie says:

    You’re welcome! Glad to help lovely ☺️

  25. becbeccabec says:

    I’m still finding my way around the blogging side of twitter so this post is really helpful!

  26. KHarris says:

    Super helpful! I always seem to find the chats after they are over or halfway through! Saving this post for referencing later on!

  27. Jade Marie says:

    Glad to help! ☺️

  28. This is really helpful! I’m terrible with running late to chats, so this will hopefully keep me on time.

  29. Jade Marie says:

    I hope it does help! 😊 I also set reminders on my phone too so that helps loads 🙊

  30. Definitely bookmarking this! I always forget when they’re on! I have joined in quite a lot (I think that’s where I found you!) but since uni deadlines and work is busy for summer I completely forget when they’re on! Thanks!

  31. Helpful post I always forget when chats are on. I love taking part in blogger chats you get to speak to some interesting people and make new friends. I havent took part in one for a while but I want to get back into them x

    Emma x http://www.bookinggoodread.com

  32. This is so great! Screenshotting this whole post. 😍

  33. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you found it so helpful 🙂

  34. This is one of the most useful resources I found so far! I am awful at remembering when things are on, so I’ve saved this and immediately shoved some of the ones I want to take part in next week into my diary! Thank you so much!

    Cordelia || cordeliamoor.squarespace.com

  35. Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you’ve found it so helpful! ☺️ I have reoccurring reminders on my phone as I’m that bad at remembering them 🤦🏻‍♀️

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