How To Work From Home & Actually Get Shit Done 

How To Work From Home And Actually Get Shit Done

One of the biggest temptations when working from home is stay in your pjs all day and work from your bed with your favourite show on in the background.

I know I’m guilty of doing it (hell I’m writing this post now while laid in bed, setting a great example here Jade!), but it’s really not a productive way to work.

Whether you are full time self employed, have a side hustle, a student or anything in between, here are some of my top tips for working at home- and actually getting shit done!

How To Work From Home & Actually Get Shit Done

Set a time to wake up- and stick to it. 

Having to get up and 6:30am most mornings for uni, I know how tempting it can be to press snooze and have “5 more minutes” but lets face it, is that extra five minutes actually going to help you?

All it’s going to food make you feel more sleepy. While you might think it’s not really important when you get up since you’re working from home, having “working hours” helps you take things more seriously and make it feel like a “real job”- something that can be hard to achieve with no one to hold you accountable but yourself.

Don’t look at your phone when you first wake up. 

I am such a hypocrite here as I do this all the time, but tying in with the last post- you can easily waste half an hour just checking Facebook, Instagram and your emails while still laid in bed.

Put simply, they can wait.

The world will not stop turning if you don’t check your phone the second you wake up. The trick I use is to push away the covers and get out of bed the second I wake up. It wakes you up and stops the temptation of hitting snooze.

Don’t just stay in your pjs 

Again this one ties into the last point. I always make sure to have my clothes out ready for the next day, so when I force myself to get out of bed I automatically go straight to where I put them and start getting dressed. Now I love just staying in my comfies but it doesn’t help your mindset.

Pjs mean sleep or relaxing. Actual clothes bean going out and doing something. The clothes you wear don’t even have to be anything fancy- I usually wear a pair or leggings and my Sheffield Hallam hoodie! But I’ve turned these into a kind of uniform, so that when I wear them my brain knows I’m going to be working

Sheffield Hallam Hoodie and Starbucks

Get something to eat.

As a recovering anorexic I can promise you that trying to work when you are hungry is all but impossible. Don’t get me wrong you can do it, but when you look back at the work you will wonder what the hell you were thinking.

The one thing I always try and eat (even when I’m not hungry) is breakfast. It’s actually true what they say, it helps wake your brain up and I can definitely tell when I’ve not had it as I turn into a real morngy cow.

Well more of one than normal…

Have a dedicated work space. 

Your brain associates your bed with sleep, so when you try and work from it your brain automatically gets you ready for sleep- meaning you start to feel lethargic and loose all motivation to do whatever it is you were planning on doing.

Having a dedicated desk not only helps with organisation but when you sit at it, your brain knows it’s time to switch to #girlboss mode (or #guyboss…)

Organised Chaos, Desk/Workspace


Take lots of breaks. 

This one is kind of difficult as everyone works differently, but in a standard working day you should take a minimum of 3 breaks. It gives your eyes a break from looking at the same thing and stops you feeling burnt out or from loosing motivation.

Now personally I don’t have a set time for taking breaks; sometimes I’ll  read or go on the Xbox every few hours, other times I’ll just go make myself a coffee, grab a snack and flick through social media for 10 minutes before I’m back into work again. Do whatever works best for you at that moment!

What are your top tips for working from home?

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  • For me one of my biggest tips is to make a list of things you want to do in order of importance and just get up and do it. I always try and do a bit of exercise first thing in the morning too and that really kicks my ass into gear.

    Julia //

  • Jade Marie says:

    Ooo exercise first thing isn’t something I’d thought about- might have to give that one a go!

  • Anna Bay says:


    I really liked this! I make list too, not in order because I won’t stick to that, but just a general list of what to do, that day.

    Also Yoga or meditation is a great thing.

    But the hardest part of everyday has to be, getting up, dahm that is work in it self.

    Have a great day!
    X, a

  • Jade Marie says:

    I have so many lists it’s becoming a problem- I even have lists of lists!
    I never could get into yoga or meditation but I do practice mindfulness when I have time.
    Getting up is hard, especially if it’s early! Thanks, I’m glad you like the post! 🙂 x

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