4 Techniques I Use To Get Past Writers Block

Bridge Over The Sea | Bournemouth

One of the things I’m always struggling with is writers block. I’m never short of ideas or things I want to talk about, but when I actually sit down to write – my mind just seems to go blank! 

As someone who relies on her writing skills to make money, it’s obviously not the best when this happens. 

I have a habit of getting annoyed at myself and trying to force myself to write anyway, which really doesn’t work out well. 

Bridge Over The Sea | Bournemouth

I usually end up with content that I don’t like and that doesn’t get many views. 

So rather than stressing myself out and creating content I’ll cringe when I read back, it’s better to just take a step back and wait until I’m actually feeling inspired to write something. 

Comfortable clothes 

Let’s face it, comfortable clothes solve just about every problem. Take your bra off. Get out of tight jeans and into some leggings. Snuggle up in your favourite oversized jumper with a hot water bottle. 

Whatever makes you feel comfortable! 

Obviously it’s not always possible to do this, especially if you’re in a public place (apparently whipping your bra off while you’re sat in a busy coffee shop isn’t socially acceptable for some reason) but this is where I’ll try to plan ahead. 

If I know I’m going to be out for most of the day, I’ll wear my Sketchers instead of a pair of boots; loose jeans rather than skin-tight ones. 

Change of scenery 

I know a lot of bloggers that go to coffee shops or shared workspaces to work, but that’s not necessarily what I mean.

Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can make it really hard to leave the house, so travelling to the nearest Starbucks isn’t going to be easy. 

Instead, it can be something as simple as moving from your bedroom into the living room or out into the garden if the weather is nice enough.

Recently I’ve started to find it hard to work when I’m sitting at my desk; I’ll just start to zone out and daydream rather than get anything done. 

Just as I’ve spent £75 on a new desk chair too…

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So I’ve started just grabbing my iPad Pro (which has to be one of my best investments to date!) and write from my bed instead.

While I talk a lot about not working from your bed and how it can make you even less productive, I’ve found that’s not always the case. 

Some of my most productive days have been spent in my PJs, sat in bed and drinking cups of tea.

Do something completely different 

I sometimes find that going away and doing something completely different helps get past the writer’s block. 

Especially if its something I don’t find particularly interesting.

Taking some time away from writing to put some washing in, hoover or tidy up lets my mind relax and work in the background.

There have been quite a few times when I’ve been struggling to write a post, gone away to do some housework, and come back full of ideas and with most of the post already drafted in my head. 

In fact, one of my popular posts was written like this, after struggling with writer’s block for hours!

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself 

I need to stop doing this in general really.

I’m forever putting pressure on myself to create new content, post interesting or witty things on social media and think of new ways to grow and engage with my audience. 

All that actually end up doing is burning myself out. 

Bridge Over The Sea | Bournemouth

I try and do everything myself and work 24/7, when in fact I need to start balancing my time a lot better – especially as I’m going back to uni next week. 

Step away from the keyboard and do something non-writing related. Take some self care time or do something you’ve been putting off for a while; anything as long as it isn’t writing.

That way when you come back, you’ll be refreshed and (hopefully) full of new ideas. 

What do you do when you’re struggling with writer’s block? 

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4 Techniques I Use To Get Past Writers Block

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  • I really like this! I’ve always struggled with writer’s block, either when I was studying, when I’ve been trying to complete creative writing projects, or now that I’m blogging. I totally agree that a change of scenery can be the best thing to shake up your brain and I’m all for some comfy clothes! I totally need to charge my iPad and actually make use of that sometimes too… get outside, sit on a bench somewhere and write, rather than relying on my laptop at my desk or in bed. (which is where I am now!)

    Sorry – long comment! But your post was really food for thought 🙂 Thank you, from a fellow blogger!

  • Jade Marie says:

    Please don’t apologies – I love long comments! ☺️

    I’m so glad you liked the post and that I’m not the only one who constantly struggles with writers block! I have a keyboard for my iPad, which makes typing so much easier 🙌🏼 it’s not cheap but it pays for itself with how productive you can be!

    (I’m answering this from my phone while I’m in bed so I’m not much better! 😂)

  • ruthinrevolt says:

    These are great comments. A change of scenery and doing something else are two of my favourite techniques – they very rarely fail me! If all else fails, I’ll wait it out until bedtime, I can guarantee when my head hits the pillow, the ideas will start whirling around 😂

  • I also zone out at my desk. Will definitely try moving around the house to keep the scenery changing. Thanks for the tips!

  • All of these tips are great! I always try to get a change of scenery – it really refreshes my brain! One of my favourite places to write is on my bed, with lots of tea and some choccie bikkies, but that’s not always possible. I also find I’m especially productive at about 10pm and decide to start writing, even though I know I’ll be shattered the next day when going to work.

  • Brilliant! I really struggle with blocks when I’m forcing myself to write to meat deadlines, but it’s the worst thing for it! Walking away definitely helps me too. I actually took friday off a couple of weeks ago and it made such a difference. I’m now actually scheduled over a week in advance and I’m enjoying blogging so much more as a result 🙂

  • Jade Marie says:

    Haha I’m exactly the same! 😂 no matter how tired I am, I can guarantee I’ll have at least 5 “amazing” new ideas pop into my head the second I turn my lamp off 😂

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! You’re welcome – I hope that it helps ☺️

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thank you! Tea, biscuits and bed sounds like heaven 🙌🏼 I’m the same, I’m not productive in the morning but come evening/night time I’m full of ideas and energy 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jade Marie says:

    It great that you managed to take a day off, and that it’s helped you get things scheduled for a week in advance – I wish I was that organised! 🙊 forcing yourself is definitely the worst thing to do, but something I think we’re all guilty of 😔

  • Writers block sucks! I struggle with this all the time, and just like you said, taking some time out to do something else really helps to clear your mind.

    Laura ☆ laurahasablog.co.uk

  • Jade Marie says:

    It sucks that so many of us struggle with it! Taking time away is definitely one of the best things you can do ☺️

  • Alex Grace says:

    There are so many helpful tips here! Working creatively rarely works when it’s forced and unfortunately creativity doesn’t come just because we need it to. I completely agree that moving away from it even for a short time really helps to free your mind up. Thanks for all the tips, I’ll be sure to try them out (but maybe not the bra in public thing 😉 )

  • outwines says:

    It’s amazing what whipping off your bra will do, isn’t it? 🙂 I’ve found that going outside for a walk, putting on headphones and listening to lyric-free music often helps. Or meditation. Which I need/want to do more of!

  • Lana A.S. says:

    My writer’s block recently is not about writing my blog but more about writing posts on social media. I just don’t want to do it and have no idea how to nudge myself into it without pressure.
    As to overcoming a writer’s block, change of scenery is my favourite tip. It could be traveling or just going to a coffee shop on my own and watching around. People inspire me just as much as nature.

  • Thanks for sharing! Change of scenery is definitely my number one tip!

  • This is a really great reminder that I need to be kinder to myself when I have writers block. I have found that simply sitting outside has helped me focus and gather my thoughts.

  • This was really helpful. I’m a new blogger and a new writer and already writer’s block has set in. I appreciate your tips.

  • I hate getting writers block, and although I don’t blog full time I hate forcing content. These tips are great to over come it – I can’t wait to try them out!

  • Pressure is so important, I recently cut down on the amount I’m posting and it has done wonders for me! I feel like I am more creative because of it!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you found them useful! ☺️ yeah it’s a shame creativity doesn’t come on tap, it would make out lives/jobs so much easier 😂 and hmm no maybe not that one, people tend to give you funny looks if you try that one 😉😂

  • Jade Marie says:

    It really is 🙌🏼 and I have a great app called Sonus Island which plays the sounds of waves and birds which I love to use – in general and while meditating 😍 I try and meditate at least once a day; usually before bed when I’m wanting to wind down and reflect on things, but occasionally in a morning too ☺️

  • This is really helpful!! Thanks 💜

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m struggling with that one too! I haven’t posted on Instagram for over a week as I’ve no idea what to put in the caption 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I enjoy people watching too, although I tend to use it for my autism – watching how other people act and behave socially helps me to mimic them and appear more “normal” lol

  • Jade Marie says:

    So many people are saying that one helps them too ☺️

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad to help remind you of that – we should try to always be kind to ourselves I think ☺️ and if I can’t sit outside I’ll usually open my windows and sit on my windowsill for a while – it has the same effect for me ☺️

  • Jade Marie says:

    I think Writers Block is something we all struggle with from the moment we start writing, especially if we know other people might see what we create 😔 I’m glad my post was helpful for you, and best of luck with your blog ☺️

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you found them helpful! ☺️ forging content is never a good idea, it just doesn’t come across with the same energy and passion

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad to hear it’s helped you to cut back ☺️ I’ve recently cut back from two posts a week to one, plus any other time I feel inspired to write and I’ve noticed it’s helped me loads 🙌🏼💛

  • Jade Marie says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you’ve found it helpful ☺️💛

  • YES. Honestly, the comfy clothes and organic process is a must for me. It’s one of the reasons I just said “f*ck it” and started writing journal entries every night and posting them to my blog. Felt like a risk at first, but no one got anywhere by not taking risks. I’m feeling more confident about it now.

  • Jade Marie says:

    Ooo the journal idea is one I wouldn’t have thought of – I’m glad it’s working out for you! 😁 I keep reminding myself of that; I’ve taken a few risk recently and I’m getting anxious over how they’ll turn out. But if they don’t work, it’s still a lesson ☺️

  • Totally love these tips! I also like to make lists and plans when I get writers block, even just for basic things like a grocery list or cleaning list just to feel a little productive and sometimes that helps!

  • Felt like this post is especially written for me! Thanks gal! 🙂

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m so glad to hear that! ☺️ you’re welcome lovely!

  • Mrs S says:

    Really useful post and I love your writing style X

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you like both my post and writing style ☺️ x

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